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Kanashimiyo konnichiwa

Hello, Sadness

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le 04 juillet 2009

I'm afraid my country is broken beyond repair.

And yes, I blame the ignorant, the paranoid, and the irresponsible. Mostly the irresponsible, because they allow for the other two.

Our country's infrastructure is falling apart. Our children and elders are starving. Abuse, rape, and murder are running rampant. Our people are being programmed by the corporate media. And no one wants to take responsibility for ANYTHING.

Our veterans are broken by irresponsible corporate wars and we don't take care of them or their families.

The politicians are elected by the unthinking and ignorant public based on their television appearances. Those politicians know their constituents will not stand for bad news. They know their constituents will not vote to take responsibility for ANYTHING, especially if it means money out of the taxpayers pockets. So they distract us from our problems at home with more pointless wars, spiraling our country further and further into debt.

We need to feed and educate our children. We need to fix our roads and bridges and rail systems. We need universal health care. We need to stop sending our military off to be physically and emotionally broken in wars we fight only for profit and distraction. We need to care for our elderly. We need to take better care of our natural resources, national parks and clean up our soil and water. We need to research and build green energy sources. We need to be responsible, individually, for the betterment of the world. The WHOLE world. Not just corporate america.

If we'd not allowed the media to program us to do their will, we would never have ended up in this situation. We have to be responsible citizens of the world. Starting TODAY. Starting now.

Happy "independence day", US citizens. We've had 233 years of independence. But now it is time for us to wake up to the fact that we can't survive unless we realize that as a planet we are INTERdependent. There is no independence. Not if we're going to survive. We are one planet. One people. We have to take care of the planet and each other.


le 03 novembre 2008

Obama on Abortion

I was reading something today that implied that Obama would decriminalize the procedure commonly known as "partial birth abortion". Firstly, I would like to state that this terminology is specifically designed to horrify the reader/listener and set us up with a certain expectation about the procedure and about the woman/doctor who would carry it out. But the women/doctors who did this in the past certainly had reason to do so. It was normally done to save the life of the woman in question. The term actually refers to a number of procedures. However, in case the term had not horrified us enough, the article I was reading described something so horrific, I cannot believe any woman or licensed doctor would ever perform it. The writers of the article were obviously trying to manipulate the emotion of the reader to their point of view.

(article here: http://bgdailynews.com/articles/2008/10/21/opinion/letters/letter3.txt)

Currently, in fact, the procedure (as well as *all* second and third trimester abortion) is illegal. The fact is, Obama did not vote to criminalize it in the Illinois Legislature when given the opportunity. However, he did not vote either way on that bill, he simply voted "present". The bill was worded in such a way that it defined the fetus as a person and could have criminalized virtually all abortion had it passed. It is probable that it was purposely written that way by people who would like to criminalize all abortion. I believe that the reason Obama voted the way he did on that bill is to protect the choice to terminate early pregnancies.

Speaking from some experience, I do not believe there is a single woman in the world who does not feel the weight of the decision to terminate a pregnancy. It is a horrible decision to face. But there are situations where the best of three BAD choices is to terminate. If it becomes illegal again, people will still find ways to terminate pregnancies, because when you are in that situation there is no other way forward. I was pro-life for most of my life. I did not understand how bad a situation could be. I firmly believe that it is not a choice that can be made lightly. It is something that will directly impact the rest of your life. But sometimes it is the only choice.

Think before you vote. Someone you know may need a choice.

I'm not disallowing your opinions. I am simply stating that you should not be allowed to make your opinions laws, or to enforce your narrow morality on all of the United States. I am not telling you to stop going to church. I'm not telling you not to pray. I'm not telling you to sleep with people of the same sex as you. And I'm not telling you to have abortions. I and the liberal community are not trying to make you do anything different than you do every day. Obama and the liberals will not force you to do anything differently. But McCain and the christian conservatives will try to force thousands of Americans just as worthy as you to live their lives in a way contrary to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That is what this country was founded on. Every person who came to this country of their own volition came here to pursue THAT dream. Whether our ancestors were Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, or any other faith, men, women, rich, poor, whatever the color of their skin or the faith in their heart, the one belief they shared was that in the United States, ANYONE has the RIGHT to find happiness.

That's what I dream for this country. I dream that we can return to our truest foundation of liberty and possibility for every man, woman, and child who can call themselves American.
I'm a monogamous bisexual. I could very well end up with a female life partner. I'm a liberal woman. I want to be treated with respect in the workplace. I want to be paid equally. I want the same opportunities as a man. And I want all my friends to have the same opportunities as a white man, even if they aren't. And I know people who have had abortions, and I know that while it is never a good choice, sometimes it is the best choice. And I am friends with people of all the color and gender spectrums.

I am still friends with a couple of republicans. And all they want is for me to shut up about it. They want me to stop fighting for my rights and the rights of my friends because it offends them.

But here's the problem. I'm not challenging their rights. I'm not fighting to change them at all. I am not offended when they go to church or stay abstinent or choose to have 5 children or have marriages involving one man and one woman or when they go hunting. But every vote they cast is a direct attack on everything I am and everything I stand for. Their whole goal in politics is to make everyone conform to what makes THEM fulfilled. Every rally they attend is aimed directly at me and at the people I love, because the things that are fulfilling to us is not what they are used to. Every talk show they listen to, every charismatic preacher they listen to is directly attacking me and my friends. They want me to shut up, but if I shut up, I will certainly lose the right to be myself. But if I speak up, they can still go to church. They can still pray. They can still go hunting. They can still get married and have lots of babies. I am not trying to change them. None of their rights are under attack.

And I want to be their friends, because they are good people in other arenas but their opinions and votes are always against me. So why do they accuse ME of being offensive when I feel like I'm only defending myself and those I love?

le 22 septembre 2008

le 17 septembre 2008


I honestly tried to go to sleep @ 3. I failed. Still trying.

le 16 septembre 2008

One side effect of being nocturnal is that when ppl want to talk to you, you are asleep. Miscommunication possibilities are very high.


le 26 août 2008


Look at what my sister did!!

the first two pictures are my sister's dog, and she MADE that outfit!!!

wow, my sister is cool.


le 23 août 2008

flying pegasus!!

amazing and bizarre

le 13 août 2008

Long way out.....

one of my colleagues from St Olaf, ellis, is touring pretty regularly around the country now, and she will be at uncommon ground on Devon in November. I want to go.

that's all.
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